Grading System

Grade A

Grade A+ Notepads and iPads
New Open Box
  • New open Box
  • New, unused equipment in original packaging where factory seals have been broken
  • No signs of wear or alteration
  • No Data
Grade A Notepads and iPads
Excellent Condition
  • Like new
  • Small light scratches and minor signs of wear and tear
  • Data Wiped

Sample Photos

Sample Photos

Grade B

Grade B Notepads and iPads
Good Condition
  • Minimum scratches , fade areas, on display or back cover
  • Small chips on device
  • White spots
  • Fully functional device (powers on, home buttons intact, display etc.)
  • Data Wiped

Grade C

Grade C Notepads and iPads
Fair Condition
  • Signs of use
  • Extreme wear and tear
  • LCD damage (bleeding)
  • Multiple scratches and chips/dents on back cover and housing
  • Data Wiped

Sample Photos

Sample Photos


  • Device fails testing data-wiping process
  • Device is unable to power on
  • Consumer data is unable to be cleared by software
  • This material is sent to certified downstream processor
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